• Intelligent Content IT

    Intelligent Content IT

    Intelligent Content IT is a systematic method of integrating people, process and technology for maximum business value. DETI Group helps content teams develop efficient and adaptable means to form products without becoming mired in proprietary or inflexible solutions. Our iterative process evolves your future state with minimal disruption to your current business processes. Current state documentation [...]

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  • InDesign Best Practice

    InDesign Best Practice

    Increase the value of your team.  Adobe InDesign is the publisher’s tool of choice. Publishing teams who rely on one-off editorial and design methods are increasingly overwhelmed. DETI Group trains publishing professionals in new techniques and best practices to make them successful. InDesign best practices (CS 5.5 & 6.0) Technique training Scripting automation Content architecture [...]

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  • Solutions Architecture

    Solutions Architecture

    DETI Group develops strategy that encompasses the current state of content workflow, and develops future state architecture that meets the demands of changing business requirements. Creating flexible, transparent and efficient solutions for new digital derivatives and product streams requires expertise in a variety of domains; from editorial and design to management and distribution. DETI Group [...]

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  • Digital Readiness Review

    Digital Readiness Review

      What revenue opportunities have you missed because your content is not digital ready? DETI Group created the digital readiness review for small and mid-sized content organizations. The review provides a better understanding current state, and develops recommendations for specific improvements.  Here is what you’ll learn: High level current state of digital readiness How your [...]

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  • Consulting


    Creating Organizational Visibility and knowing the current state of publishing is key to making informed decisions. Evaluating best practices across roles and functions can be a positive way to effect change within publishing groups. DETI Group advises publishers in: Audit of current state of digital readiness Competitive analysis Workflow effectiveness techniques Future state recommendations Executive [...]

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